Wood Fireplaces and Stoves

Wood burning fireplaces and stoves offer an appealing alternative to high fuel bills. Never in the past has there been such clean and efficient wood burning equipment. Energy efficient, EPA compliant wood burning appliances are many times more efficient than older non-EPA stoves. Less smoke and particulate emissions mean more heat per volume of wood and less pollution. You can see the difference as the ash pans are so much smaller because they are using the wood to heat your home and not wasting it in ash and smoke. Enjoy the warmth and glow of a roaring wood fire without guilt.

Wood Burning Inserts

Wood Burning Stoves        

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Patio and Tailgating  

Wanna be the coolest tailgaters at the game?  We sell (and use at our own tailgating!) high quality, state of the art, portable grills. 

The Kuuma line

The Kuuma line uses propane or electric and is easy.  Grilled chicken, hotdogs, hamburgers and more!

The KamadoJoe

The KamadoJoe is a charcoal grill that can do everything from hotdogs to slowly smoked meats.  You will not believe the quality of this product.  And the colors are customizable to match your team colors!  Grey and scarlet anyone?  Green and white anyone?