You have probably heard a lot about wind and solar power.  It just makes sense to harness the power of nature, especially things that are so obviously powerful.  But harnessing wind and solar are difficult.  Both wind and the sun are inconsistent power sources depending on the weather.

The ground, though, is also very powerful.  The earth is like a giant solar storage device that stores almost 50% of the sun’s power.  That’s over 500 times more energy than mankind needs every year.  Certainly enough to heat and cool your home.

Surveys by utility companies indicate a higher level of consumer satisfaction for geothermal heating and cooling systems than for conventional systems. Polls consistently show that more than 95% of all geothermal HVAC customers would recommend geothermal to a family member or friend.

A common misconception to geothermal heat pumps is that you need a lot of land for them to work.  We recommend using vertical loops which can be installed in as little as 1/2 an acre of land.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems do cost more initially.  But they pay for themselves quickly in electricity and gas savings.

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